Stand-Up India (SUI)

Government of India launched the Stand Up India scheme on 5th April, 2016. The Scheme facilitates bank loans between Rs.10 lakh and Rs.1 crore to at least one Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe borrower and at least one Woman borrower per bank branch for setting up Greenfield enterprises. This enterprise may be in manufacturing, services or the trading sector. The scheme which is being implemented through all Scheduled Commercial Banks is to benefit at least 2.5 lakh borrowers. The scheme is operational and the loan is being extended through Scheduled Commercial Banks across the country.

Stand Up India scheme caters to promoting entrepreneurship amongst women, SC & ST category i.e. those sections of the population facing significant hurdles due to lack of advice/mentor ship as well as inadequate and delayed credit. The scheme intends to leverage the institutional credit structure to reach out to these undeserved sectors of the population in starting Greenfield enterprises. It caters to both ready and trainee borrowers.

To extend collateral free coverage, Government of India has set up the Credit Guarantee Fund for Stand up India (CGFSI). Apart from providing credit facility, Stand up India Scheme also envisages extending hand-holding support to the potential borrowers. It provides for convergence with Central/State Government schemes. Applications under the scheme can also be made online on the dedicated Stand up India portal (

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