Subsidy Scheme for establishment of dairy unit with 12 milch animals.

The Department of Agriculture, Farmers’ Welfare & Co-operation, Government of Gujarat vide their GR No. CDS/132017/94/P.1 dated 17th April, 2018 has announced a new scheme for establishment of dairy units with 12 milch animals. A copy of the GR has been circulated by SLBC vide letter no. FGMO/AHM//SLBC-103/406/2018 dated 01.05.2018.

Main features of the scheme are as below:

  • Subsidies will be made available for purchase of 12 milch animals (cow / buffallow) and new construction of dairy farm as per prescribed criteria.
  • Interest subsidy will be available @ 7.50% for 5 years on finance extended by Banks for purchase of milch animals in FY 2018-19.
  • For construction of dairy farm as per prescribed criteria, subsidy will be provided @ 50% of the cost or Rs.1.50 lakh wichever is lower.
  • In addition to these, capital subsidies will also be available for electric chaf cutter, fogger system, milking machine and cattle insurance.

For more details, please refer the agenda booklet of 157th meeting of SLBC.